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Take Five Minutes to DeClutter

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Every little helps when you decide to declutter and with this method you will see the results immediately. Decluttering helps gain mental clarity as well as having an impact on your home and personal environment. Give it a go:

  1. Start in one room. Begin in the left corner closest to the door, 
  2. Pick one shelf / draw / box. Just one.
  3. Go through it, touching each thing only once. Either keep, throw away or donate to charity.
  4. Have three large strong supermarket bags or boxes ready for each. 
  5. Put everything in the appropriate box. 
  6. Take the box for charity and put in your car ready to drop off, or keep until your next five minute clearout. Take the throw away stuff to your main bin / recycling bin, or if stuff for your council rubbish depot out in your car ready to take. 
  7. That’s it. Repeat daily at least. You will have spent 35 minutes at least in a week making a dent in your clutter.

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